Minnesota Medicaid Controversy

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
MN Medicaid 1115 waiver renewal – part 1 (2012)
MN Medicaid 1115 waiver renewal – part 2 (2012)
MN Medicaid 1115 waiver renewal – part 3 (2012)
CMS/DHS correspondence regarding 2011 UCare give-back (2012)

Government Accountability Office
CMS oversight of rate-setting (2010)

Greater MN Health Care Coalition
Who’s Minding the Store? (2012)

MN Departmemt of Commerce
HMO financial examination data (2009)
MCO examination data (2012)

MN Department of Health (MDH)
Administrative expenses for health plans (2009-2010)
HMO financial reports (2009-2010)

MN Department of Human Services (DHS)
Managed care/fee-for-service report (1994)
DHS rate-setting data (2008-2010)
HMO public program contracts (2008-2011)
DHS data for initial round of HMO competitive bidding (2011-2012)
DHS data related to vendor selection for historical rate-setting report (2012)
Correspondence with MN Council of Health Plans (2012)
Data related to managed care “value report” (2013)
Summary of Segal Report (2013)
Segal Report (2013)

PCG Report – preliminary draft (2013)

PCG Report – final draft(2013)

MN Legislature
Conference committee report on HF 2294 (2012)

MN Management and Budget
Report on reducing health care provider reporting (2012)

MN Office of the Legislative Auditor
Financial management of Health Care Programs (2008)
Correspondence related to UCare give-back (2012)
Vendor procurement data related to HMO audits (2013-2014)

MN Rep. Matt Entenza
Correspondence related to managed care (2004)

MN Senator John Marty
Correspondence related to MN public programs (2011-2012)

MN Senator Sean Neinow
Correspondence related to MN public programs (2012-2013)

Ramsey County District Court
David Feinwachs v. MN Council of Health Plans (2010)

Senator Charles Grassley
Correspondence with MN DHS about UCare give-back (2012)

UCare letter to MN legislators regarding 2011 give-back (2011)

U.S. House of Reps. Committee on Oversight
2012 testimony related to Medicaid programs/UCare give-back (2012)