Minnesota Medicaid Controversy

[box]Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)[/box]MN Medicaid 1115 waiver renewal – part 1 (2012)
MN Medicaid 1115 waiver renewal – part 2 (2012)
MN Medicaid 1115 waiver renewal – part 3 (2012)
CMS/DHS correspondence regarding 2011 UCare give-back (2012)

[box]Government Accountability Office[/box]CMS oversight of rate-setting (2010)

[box]Greater MN Health Care Coalition[/box]Who’s Minding the Store? (2012)

[box]MN Departmemt of Commerce[/box]HMO financial examination data (2009)
MCO examination data (2012)

[box]MN Department of Health (MDH)
[/box]Administrative expenses for health plans (2009-2010)
HMO financial reports (2009-2010)

[box]MN Department of Human Services (DHS)[/box]Managed care/fee-for-service report (1994)
DHS rate-setting data (2008-2010)
HMO public program contracts (2008-2011)
DHS data for initial round of HMO competitive bidding (2011-2012)
DHS data related to vendor selection for historical rate-setting report (2012)
Correspondence with MN Council of Health Plans (2012)
Data related to managed care “value report” (2013)
Summary of Segal Report (2013)
Segal Report (2013)

PCG Report – preliminary draft (2013)

PCG Report – final draft(2013)

[box]MN Legislature[/box]Conference committee report on HF 2294 (2012)

[box]MN Management and Budget[/box]Report on reducing health care provider reporting (2012)

[box]MN Office of the Legislative Auditor[/box]Financial management of Health Care Programs (2008)
Correspondence related to UCare give-back (2012)
Vendor procurement data related to HMO audits (2013-2014)

[box]MN Rep. Matt Entenza[/box]Correspondence related to managed care (2004)

[box]MN Senator John Marty [/box]Correspondence related to MN public programs (2011-2012)

[box]MN Senator Sean Neinow[/box]Correspondence related to MN public programs (2012-2013)

[box]Ramsey County District Court[/box]David Feinwachs v. MN Council of Health Plans (2010)

[box]Senator Charles Grassley[/box]Correspondence with MN DHS about UCare give-back (2012)

[box]UCare[/box]UCare letter to MN legislators regarding 2011 give-back (2011)

[box]U.S. House of Reps. Committee on Oversight[/box]2012 testimony related to Medicaid programs/UCare give-back (2012)