Coast Guard calls about FOIA request

June 4, 2011

Posted by Matt Ehling

On May 23rd, Amanda Ackerson from the U.S. Coast Guard called to clarify details about our FOIA request of March 28th, 2010, as well as related requests.

First, she asked whether we were inquiring about information related to Coast Guard FOIA request number 2010-2784, or 2010-2748. After checking our records, it became clear that we had transposed the “4” and the “8” in the tracking number when we submitted our March 28th request letter. That letter referenced our initial 2010 request. I clarified that we were seeking information related to request number 2010-2748.

Ms. Ackerson noted that she had recently received a transfer letter from the DHS Privacy Office seeking materials that were similar to those contained in our Coast Guard request of March 28th, 2010. I said that we were curious to see what each office may have retained, and so we had submitted similar requests to both offices.

Ms. Ackerson noted that she had conducted a preliminary search that had not turned up any records, but said that she would try again. I asked when I could expect a response. She replied that it could be up to two weeks.

Ms. Ackerson also provided me with three Coast Guard request numbers to track our requests:

2010-2784 (Referencing the July 24th, 2010 request)

2011-2133 (Referencing the March 28th, 2010 request)

2011-2525 (Referencing the transferred DHS request from March 28th)