Civil Liberty display project

Collection of ten panels; designed for presentation in a public area. The installation deals with civil liberties in American law and culture – from free speech to gun rights.

PRM’s “Civil Liberty” installation project is based on over ten years of documentary and journalistic work focused on constitutional and civil liberties issues. It examines these issues in a broad fashion – drawing in perspectives from across the political spectrum, in an attempt to deepen public conversations about individual rights.

Click here to view the installation’s panels. These can be downloaded, printed, and displayed free of charge under an “Attribution-No Derivatives” CC BY-ND license from Public Record Media.

[box]Civil Liberty[/box]PDF

[box]How Broad or Narrow?[/box]PDF

[box]Free Speech and its Challengers[/box]PDF

[box]Keeping and Bearing Arms[/box]PDF

[box]Militarizing the Home Front[/box]PDF

[box]Search and Seizure[/box]PDF

[box]Takings and Private Property[/box]PDF

[box]Civil Rights in American History[/box]PDF

[box]Security and Civil Liberties[/box]PDF

[box]Toward a Holistic View of Civil Liberties[/box]PDF