Minnesota Data Practices Act – Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority

PDF[/box]Letter of Minnesota Government Data Practices Act request made for correspondence with various municipalities and the NFL about public assets pledged to the 2018 Superbowl event. May 27, 2014.

PDF[/box]Letter from Shannon Bjorkland of Dorsey and Whiteny to Matt Ehling of PRM and JT Haines, PRM Special Counsel.  July 11, 2014. Letter notes that MSFA is “providing the vast majority of public documents at this time,” but is still reviewing a subset of documents responsive to Item 1.  Item 2 records (data provided to the NFL) is withheld as “nonpublic” under Minn. Stat. 13.55.

PDF[/box]E-mails between city of Minneapolis staff regarding the re-route of various streets to enable Superbowl traffic.  February 7, 2014.

PDF[/box]E-mails between Michele Kelm-Helgen and city of Minneapolis staff regarding the re-route of various streets to enable Superbowl traffic.  Correspondence includes preliminary budget numbers ($6 million), based on earlier re-route plans.  February 18, 2014.

PDF[/box]E-mails between MSFA staff and City of Minneapolis personnel regarding the “list of (tax) abatements that the NFL requires.”  February 19, 2014.

PDF[/box]MSFA e-mail correspondence related to “Super Bowl bid security perimeter and street closures.”  February 26, 2014.

PDF[/box]E-mail between City of Minneapolis staff and Metro Transit staff regarding “impacts to traffic and rail operations during the 96 security time frame in advance of the Superbowl event.”  March 7, 2014.

PDF[/box]Letter of March 31, 2014 from Governor Mark Dayton and legislative leaders to the Minnesota Superbowl Committee co-chairs.  “By means of this letter, the undersigned will continue to work with the Minnesota Super Bowl Committee in preparing a competitive bid package, which fairly balances public and private investments necessary to secure the Super Bowl.”

PDF[/box]Letter of March 31 2014 from Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges to the Minnesota SuperBowl Committee co-chairs.  Letter relates to public/private fund raising responsibilities.

PDF[/box]E-mail between MSFA staff and City of Minneapolis staff regarding letters of support for Super Bowl effort.

PDF[/box]Letter from Sharon Bjorklund of Dorsey and Whitney to PRM’s Matt Ehling regarding MSFA’s final document production.  July 29, 2014.  E-mail from John Stiles of the City of Minneapolis to MSFA’s Michele Kelm-Helgen regarding information about NFL-sought tax abatements for the 2018 Super Bowl bid.  February 19, 2014.