About PRM

PRM’s mission is to pursue transparency and democracy through the use, application, and enforcement of freedom of information laws.

In order to make informed judgments about policy issues, the public must have access to information about the function of its government entities, as well as the large private institutions that they regulate and interact with. PRM – a non-partisan, Minnesota-based nonprofit organization – uses freedom of information (FOI) laws to obtain and publish this data, and to encourage public discussions about important civic affairs issues.  PRM also engages in public education about civic engagement tools, including FOI laws.

What PRM does
PRM pursues its mission through four principal activities:

  • We use FOI laws to obtain and post government records.
  • We publish original articles and reports to provide the public with context and clarity about the records.
  • We advocate for the consistent application of FOI laws and compel government compliance with those laws through litigation when necessary.
  • We educate the public on using FOI laws and other civic engagement tools.

Why public records?
PRM believes that FOI is a lynchpin of the democratic process. In order to ensure oversight, enable public input, and uphold the integrity of the democratic process itself, access to information about the workings of government and the large institutions it interfaces with is essential. Through its FOI-centered request, publication, and legal work, PRM helps to ensure that American democracy is strengthened by providing the public with the tools and information it needs to effectively engage with the world of public policy.

PRM was organized as a Minnesota non-profit corporation in 2013. PRM’s forerunner – Public Record Media, LLC – was a media production company that served many of the same functions and worked toward the same public benefits. In 2012, PRM’s founder and original executive director, Matt Ehling, was awarded the Finnegan Freedom of Information Award for the government transparency work undertaken by Public Record Media, LLC.

About Public Record Media
Public Record Media is governed by a volunteer board of directors, run largely through volunteer labor, and supported by contractor specialists in the legal and communications areas.  Find out more about us at the links below:

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